The Firm

In Italy, the best foods are born in the family. It’s homey, Italian cuisine. From the family, it takes the sense of the detail of the people who work to satisfy everyone’s tastes, to create comforting foods, to share the pleasure of the table with each member.

Teo & Bia is also born in a family: Giuseppe Magné and Monica Baldo study and prepare for their children, intolerant to milk. And that cream, which is a wonder, is also a business idea.

Since 2004 we have engaged in our pastry / gastronomy to propose foods with the most natural ingredients possible and less manipulated by the food chemistry, trying to respect nature with its resources and needs, paying attention to the use and recycling of materials.

In this way we created a cream of hazelnuts with only three ingredients: hazelnuts, cane sugar and bitter cocoa all without milk, gluten or soy lecithin. Passion, tenacity and will have pushed us here to give everyone, including children, moments of tenderness and sensory uniques and healthy.

All this fills us with optimism and a touch of pride and pushes us, with the same corporate philosophy of respect for resources and people, to create new products for the future with the same joy.

Let’s light the goodness without turning off the earth.
I just wish you nice things.