Almond spread monoportion

Almonds and sugar, a meeting of seductive creaminess.

A delicious cream, produced only with two ingredients: organic almonds and cane sugar, without milk, soy lecithin and gluten-free.


Organic almond cream

Nutrition information

Almond nutrition information
Nutritional values for 100g



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Why is it so good?

2 ingredients

Organic almond

With unmistakable taste

Sicilian organic almonds have a large, flat, ovoid and regular seed, perfect for the finest confectionery.
Its organoleptic and healthy features are among the best in the world and is considered the most elegant among all almonds.
It is unmistakable and exceptional for its shape and taste and, thanks to the temperate climate of the sea, its aroma is unmatched and perfect for confectionery preparations.
Biscuits use it to prepare delicious biscuits, almond milk, noodles, but also white eating and marzipan.

Organic almond
Brown cane sugar

Brown sugar

Rich in mineral salts and vitamins

Cane sugar is obtained from sugar cane plant, a tropical plant originally from Asia belonging to the Poaceae family, scientific name: saccharum officinarum.
This plant has an inside, the marrow, rich in sweet and sugary elements, which results in its primary use. Cane sugar is rich in mineral salts such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, fluorine, potassium and phosphorus and contains lots of vitamins.
For these characteristics it is ideal for those who are following a low calorie diet and being less sugary and having, on the contrary, high calcium content, is much less dangerous for the development of caries.

Organic almond cream

Valori nutrizionali

Valore energetico 547 Kcal – 2282KJ
Grassi: 33g Carboidrati: 48g
di cui saturi: 2,8g di cui zuccheri: 48g
Proteine: 12g Sale 0,2%


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