Hazelnut spread monoportion

Hazelnuts, cocoa and cane sugar, three for one and one for … everyone!

Three Ingredients for an Emotional Cream, a prominent product suitable for people of all ages, even vegans and gluten-intolerant.


Hazelnut cream bucket

Nutrition information

Nutritional informations hazelnut
Nutritional values for 100g
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Why is it so good?

3 ingredients

“Tonda gentile trilobata” hazelnut

The best hazel in the world

The main features that make this variety of hazelnut very special are the round shape of the fruit, the thin shell, the seed with a good aroma and delicate flavor, the limited fat content, the film that envelops the seed particularly fine.
The Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnut is cultivated at altitudes between 150 and 750 meters and for its organoleptic qualities it is considered the world’s best variety and it can be found on the market at prices above any other, especially the bio.

Tonda Gentile hazelnut
Forastero Cocoa

Bitter cocoa

Pure and slightly bitter taste

The cocoa foraster also called Theobroma cacao sphaerocarpum has violet seeds with a very bitter and strong taste. The plants of this cocoa subspecies are very robust and productive, mostly grown in western Africa, Brazil and Southeast Asia. The cacao forastero gives a slightly sour and bitter cocoa. In the various cultivation areas, are produced finer or more common quality, which are selected according to the use they are intended or mixed with each other.

Brown sugar

Rich in mineral salts and vitamins

Cane sugar is obtained from the sugar cane plant, a tropical plant originally from Asia belonging to the Poaceae family, scientific name: saccharum officinarum. This plant has an inside, the marrow, rich in sweet and sugary elements, which results in its primary use. Cane sugar is rich in mineral salts such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, fluorine, potassium and phosphorus and contains lots of vitamins.
For these characteristics it is ideal for those who are following a low calorie diet and being less sugary and having, on the contrary, high calcium content, is much less dangerous for the development of caries.

Brown sugar
Hazelnut organic cream

Valori nutrizionali

Valore energetico 560,8 Kcal – 2347KJ
Grassi: 36,6g Carboidrati: 46,7g
di cui saturi: 3,6% di cui zuccheri: 46,7g
Proteine: 8,9g Sale <0,1%


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