Pistachio spread

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Organic sicilian pistachio at his finest expression

Teo&Bia’s last creation, born taking into consideration the two pillars on which our choices and our way of life rest: quality and simplicity.

  • organic sicilian pistachios minimum 50%;
  • organic extra virgin olive oil;
  • organic cane sugar;
  • just a pinch of salt.

A perfect balance of the four ingredients with the aim of bringing out the notes of pistachio, enhancing the qualities of extra virgin olive oil, cane sugar and salt.

The spread does not contain traces of milk, gluten and soy lecithin



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Valori nutrizionali

Nutrition facts per 100 g
653 Kcal – 2706 KJ
Total fat: 40.3 g Carbohydrate: 40,6 g
saturated fat: 5,26 g sugars: 38,3 g
Protein: 11,7 g Salt 0,56 %

1 review for Pistachio spread

  1. Antonia

    La regina delle creme al pistacchio. Ho un palato molto difficile soprattutto se si tratta di pistacchio e questa crema ha superato ogni mia aspettativa. Complimenti!

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