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Since 2004 we have been committed to our bakery and food gourmet shop to create food using the most natural ingredients as possible. We respect nature and are aware of its limited resources, therefore we make our products only using what we need and recycle as much as possible. Teo&Bia was born in the family: Giuseppe Magné and Monica Baldo studied and perfected their products for their children, who are lactose intolerant. The cream, which is a marvel, is also an entrepreneurial idea. In this way, we created a 100% organic hazelnut cream with only three ingredients: hazelnuts, brown sugar and bitter cocoa, all without milk and gluten, or soy lecithin. Passion, tenacity and volition have pushed us here to give everyone, including children, moments of sweetness and unique sensorial bliss

Our Spreads

Hazelnut Spread

Only 3 ingredients: Hazelnuts (min. 47%), brown sugar, bitter cocoa

Almond Spread

Only 2 ingredients: Almonds (min. 60%), brown sugar

Pistachio Spread

Only 4 ingredients: Sicilian Pistachios (min. 52%), Organic cane sugar, Extra virgin olive oil, Just a pinch of salt

Ingredients to love

It is the first ingredient because, without it, the idea that materialized in our product would never have been born. The simple union of hazelnuts with cane sugar and cocoa clashes with the daily difficulties, due to the processing of raw materials and the dynamics of the market that favor convenience. Inside each package you will find a pure and courageous soul that doesn’t know the meaning of compromise and that enhancing the flavor of the hazelnut will lead you through an experience of intense and renewed taste.

Nothing is more wonderful than a family united by a common purpose. There are challenges, whether it’s preparing Christmas dinner, or building a small company like ours, they are overcome by the union of people and putting in the time and effort. Teo&Bia is simply the shortened names of Matteo and Beatrice, children of Monica and Beppe, who are owners of the company. In the package you will find everything that a family can offer: consistency, safety and the taste of home.

Having professionalism and family as our two solid pillars, we decided not to stop at the production of a cream with excellent quality raw materials, but to have full control of the main ingredient – hazelnuts. We started the Teo & Bia farm by planting 7 acres of hazelnut trees in the Monferrato region. The trees are growing day by day and we will use them to produce our fine hazelnut cream within a few years. With the utmost confidence in organic agriculture and the strong will to live on our land without exploiting it, we try to make our contribution in this moment of strong rebirth, where change is not only a duty, but a choice. By choosing Teo&Bia you will find our desire to work while supporting an innovative project knowing that you have chosen quality, nature, change and simplicity.

100% organic
Rich in antioxidants
Suitable for vegans and intolerants
Soy lecithin-free

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