We believe in the rediscovery of the truest moments, punctuated by the affection of the dearest people, by the authentic and surprising flavors of our territory, by the nature we want to take care of because it is our nest and our passion.

We believe in respecting every person and need.

We believe in the importance of our roots and our traditions, which we wish to pass on to future generations.

We believe only in innovation that respects our values ​​and can lead to the common good.

We don’t believe in easy and ephemeral things, in shortcuts; we believe in commitment and determination, in long-term happiness, which must be built, day by day, with a lot of patience.

We believe in ideas that come from the heart and that require a great deal of willpower to be realized.

We look for the highest quality in every ingredient because this means taking care of our body and everything around us.

We want to walk on Sundays among our hazelnut fields breathing clean and regenerating air, so we take care of them manually and without chemicals.

We want everything to be rediscovered and appreciated in its simplicity.