Our Land

Welcome to the enchanting Monferrato

Monferrato is an area mainly situated between the provinces of Alessandria and Asti. Its gentle and soothing hills are home to marvellous sunflower fields, carefully organised vineyards and of course, the unique plantations of our special hazelnut: ‘Nocciola Tonda Gentile Trilobata’.

The beauty of this territory remains unmatched: every season brings new amazing colours enriching already stunning landscapes. This is why plenty of tourists decide to visit this area walking, by bike, with a Vespa or even riding a horse, to fully absorb the essence of Monferrato.


Every hill’s top sprouts a cosy little village, rich in traditions and dazzling stories.

Taverns and restaurants never miss the chance of offering local delights, while winemakers and wine bars charm their customers with local wines, among the finest in the whole country. Besides its enogastronomic excellence, Monferrato enchants you with its medieval castles, museums and the characteristic Big Benches, from where you can enjoy stunning panoramic landscapes.

And it is exactly from one of these Big Benches, the number 92 of ‘Salvatore Monferrato’, that you can admire our hazelnut plantation, continuously growing and enriching its surroundings.

The Wonders of Monferrato - UNESCO Heritage

In 2014 Monferrato was declared Unesco heritage, together with ‘Langhe’ and ‘Roero’ for the harmony of its landscapes, filled with ancient villages, hamlets, farmhouses and the worldwide known production of exquisite fine wines like Barbera. This important recognition further certifies the natural and cultural relevance of Piedmont.

The Fields

Hazelnuts have always been part of our traditions, and in Monferrato a unique strain of hazelnut is cultivated: the refined ‘Nocciola Tonda Gentile’, which has obtained the I.G.P. certification (Indication of Geographic Protection) and thanks to its organoleptic properties is recognised as the best variety in the world. This is thanks to the land and the climate of the area which are just the ideal conditions for the cultivation of this fruit. 

In the last years more and more hills became home to this ancient and fascinating cultivation, with the purpose of exploiting this wonderful fruit as an ingredient. And it’s exactly through our traditional recipes that the world can truly experience its flavour to the fullest: the hazelnut cake, Baci di Dama, Brutti e Buoni and of course, our beloved Hazelnut Spread!