The beginning of our journey

Our journey began in 2004, when Monica and Beppe, after managing for years the family grocery store opened after the war by their great-grandparents, decided to propose something new in our small town: a healthy pastry / gastronomy, where to make food that was organic, natural, and able to meet the needs of each customer.

The Idea

After a few years spent creating recipes with ingredients of the best quality, in 2011 a new idea was born: making a simple hazelnut cream, like the homemade ones, where the hazelnut was the real protagonist.

But how?


Only 3 ingredients for a perfect recipe

The perfect recipe includes only hazelnuts, those of our lands, organic Piedmont PGI, cane sugar and bitter cocoa, coming from sustainable plantations in South America.

No milk, gluten, palm oil or other fats needed. Only 3 ingredients that guarantee a unique creaminess and an unforgettable nutty scent.

The success of our recipe

The recipe convinces everyone, and the cream is selected by many small shops specialized in organic products, and also by renowned Italian and international brands, such as Eataly, Galeries Lafayette, BHV, up to Canada, Estonia, Morocco, Finland … receiving approval from all around the world.

Thus, with the same company ethic, we decided to create other products, such as almond cream and pistachio cream, which we continue to produce by hand, in a small laboratory carefully managed by Beppe and Matteo.


Our farmhouse, our hazelnuts

Our journey continues with Matteo and Beatrice, with a growing passion for the business started by their parents, who set themselves a new goal: to give life to our own hazelnut plantation, to be used in our products.

Thus, in 2017, a new story began: the story of Cascina Squarzolo. An old farmhouse nestled in the hills of San Salvatore Monferrato, a Unesco heritage site, surrounded by 30 hectares of land, perfect for growing IGP Piedmont hazelnuts.

Our commitment

With patience and a great deal of commitment, to date we have sown nearly 6,000 seedlings, which we treat according to the principles of organic farming, removing the suckers by hand with hoes and without using any fertilizer.