Thought, tested, tested again and finally … arrived!!

We are talking about the Teo & Bia pistachio spread, our latest handmade creation, born considering the two pillars on which our choices and our life princes have always been based: quality and simplicity.

We sought the perfect taste through the maximum look of Sicilian BIO pistachios, finding the right route through only four ingredients, obviously all of these are BIO:

• Sicilian pistachios

• the extra virgin olive oil of the Ghiglione mill of Dolcedo (IM)

• cane sugar

• a sales pinch

Our commitment this time has been focused on the right balance of the four ingredients with the aim of making the pistachio note stands out, enhancing the quality of extra virgin olive oil, cane sugar and the sale.

Now time has finally comes to see if we have succeeded in achieving our goal!

From today you can find the Pistachio Spread on our site … buy it, taste it and let us knowing your opinion, the true final test of all our new creation!