The work of planting the hazel grove was completed on March 27, and 2400 seedlings have laid their roots in the farmland of Squarzolo.
In a moment of great climatic uncertainty, where winter and spring seemed to merge, creating unique and unknown weather conditions, we were able to grasp the right and favorable moments to complete our goal.
Recommended by the best experts, we did the job without the aid of any machinery other than spades and shovels to make holes in which to put the plants in place.

This way of acting, even if longer and more tiring, will guarantee us a better rooting of the seedling, leaving the soil more “loose”.

After the implantation and first pruning phase, we wait for the summer, during which we will start with the homeopathic experimentation and the diffusion of electromagnetic frequencies through the music.

Trust and passion have been put in every core planted, to make the simple gestures necessary for their planting, unique and aware of the fundamental role that will have in the future the young seedlings of today, when they will be the protagonists of countless events.