Tonda Gentile Trilobata Hazelnut is the most valuable variety of this fruit.

Born probably by the hybridization of several wild species, it has several characteristics that make it objectively superior to yield and excellent organoleptic qualities:

  • thin hard shell easily removable, even mechanically, without breaking the seed
  • full fruit , which allows a high yield, equivalent to about 50%
  • spheroidal shape
  • sweet and delicate flavor
  • excellent aroma after roasting
  • film wrapping the seed – the correct name is perispermeasily detachable
  • excellent preservability due to lower fat content

In the first half of the nineteenth century the areas of cultivation were “reconverted” from areas of viticulture to dedicated space – with greater yield and lower risks related to parasites and diseases – to coriliculture.
In ancient times, the harvest of fruit, matured and fallen to the ground, was carried out by the “nizurere” – from “nizura”, which means hazelnut in Piedmontese dialect.

These are the only hazelnuts that, carefully selected, are used to produce our hazelnut cream! For all the features just mentioned, we believe it is the only ones to give those olfactory and tasteful features to our products.