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But what is Instagram?
Instagram was born as a photo sharing application and has had an incredible diffusion: to date, there are over 500 million active users every month.
Is a social network just visual, in fact you can not just post a status, but you must share a photo or a little movie.
The other big difference with other popular socials is reciprocity: if I follow a person on Instagram, that person can decide whether to follow me in turn or not.
For people or companies that have the opportunity to share many images is certainly the perfect social to create a visual strategy.

Instagram was born on October 6, 2010, by Kevin Systorm and Mike Krieger, in two years this app is growing so that even Mark Zuckerberg is moving, who decides to buy it for $ 1 billion.

Over the years, this platform is evolving more and more, giving you the opportunity to geolocalize your post, to enjoy it from the web and to create and post short videos of 15 seconds.
The latest data dating from April 2017 tells that Instagram users are currently 700 million!

The story of a success, like Teo & Bia!