What we commonly call almond is more properly the seed extracted from the fruit (a drupa) of the almond tree, whose cultivation in the Mediterranean area is very ancient; particularly in Sicily has been spread since the times of the Phoenicians.

The most prestigious variety is undoubtedly the organic of Sicily, whose flowering dates from January to March, while harvesting is done by hand or with rods in the summer months between July and September.

Sicily’s organic almond has several pluss compared to the other: it is particularly rich in oil and has a unique flavor, an excellent and balanced taste, coupled with an intense aroma.

This is mainly due to the agronomic profile of the soil of limestone, and to the subtropical Mediterranean climate of Sicily, mild and sun-kissed virtually throughout the year. These conditions are ideal for almond cultivation and give it a pure organoleptic profile, impossible elsewhere.

All of this results in a number of health benefits: the particular richness of Sicilian organic almond monounsaturated oils provides benefits to the circulatory system and helps to keep cholesterol under guard levels, while the vitamin E contained therein has a determinant role in preventing heart attacks; almonds are also rich in calcium – which helps to strengthen the bones and prevents osteoporosis – iron – an important aid for those suffering from anemia – and polyphenols. The latter thus contribute to preventing both signs of aesthetic aging and free radicals, dangerous risk factors for some forms of cancer and degenerative diseases.

Almonds also contain magnesium and are therefore valuable natural energy supplements; also have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and contribute to intestinal well-being.

Last but not least, almonds help improve mood, as they contain tyrosine and tryptophan amino acids, which stimulate neurotransmitters in this regard.

So enjoying the cream of almonds Teo & Bia, therefore, not only delights a true goodness but, as it is produced with organic sicilian almonds, you can enjoy all the benefits that this fruit brings to our body!